In 2017 we signed up to be a member of Hybrid Athlete Foundation.

Why did we do it?
1. Give 24/7 Access to our members
2. Add a new revenue stream to our box
3. Differentiate ourselves from the competition
4. Empower Athletes to Control their fitness.
5. Our members get access to other gyms in networks at no charge (which they use)

Benefits so far
1. Increase revenue for one time fee $2800
2. Reoccurring Monthly Revenue of $305 a month
3. Better Retention Rates for those who can only attend 3-4 classes (they now come on their own time)
4. Lowered insurance by $500 switching to a major provider to cover 24/7
5. No Longer NEED an L1 present during Open Gym Times
6. Reduced staffing by eliminating Open Gyms Times
7. Added 3 new members because we offer 24/7

We have a smaller box at 100 members and 36 of them use the 24/7 access. We use it as an add on to the existing membership.

When I saw the Hybrid Athlete Foundation System, I knew it filled a void that our gym was missing. We wanted to continue with the community and environment that we had, but also give our athletes the freedom train whenever they need to.

At Evolution, we made the 24 hour access is an option to all members. If a member cannot get in and train in regular hours, it is no longer an issue. We laid out clearly defined standards and expectations for being at the gym at all hours of the day. As well as what to do if a new member comes in.

All of the feedback that we have gotten from our members has been positive and we hope to help grow the "network" in the future.

When we opened Tier 1 Fitness in 2009, and rapidly joined the growing affiliate community as CrossFit Tier 1, the ‘box style’ gym was still on the outside of the mainstream fitness community. As more and more athletes discovered CrossFit, Powerlifting, Strongman, and Weightlifting, we did our best to keep pace with the demands for more space, more classes, expanded programming, etc. With that in mind, we have always had a programmed/coached class membership and an Open gym option. It was a natural fit to become part of HybridAF since our program already draws a broad range of multi-discipline athletes, from strength all the way to OCR and everything in between, and adding the ability for athletes to access the facility to perform their programming at times that are most convenient for them has been a game changer. I would urge any program that wants to give their athletes the advantage of 24/7 access to be a part of HybridAF. Also, many of our members travel Eastern and Central NC with their jobs and on vacation, and they really appreciate being able to drop into another well equipped HAF facility at NO charge.

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